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Detroit SOUP Bubbles Up On WNYC

Detroit SOUP

The good people of startup project seed-funders Detroit SOUP already get great some national and international press (see: the BBC), but their appearance this morning on WNYC's The Takeawayduring a sober conversation about the city's landmark bankruptcy filing was a nice and whole-heartedly optimistic touch.

Amy Peterson, who won the most votes at last week's July SOUP dinner, is the founder of Rebel Nell, a group that provides transitional employment opportunities for disadvantaged women by creating jewelry pieces out of upcycled materials. Peterson had some great things to say about the city's go-and-do-it young entrepreneurial culture, including a special shout-out to all those businesses (including many of the city's newest and most exciting local restaurants) that are creating community while they dish up delicious food:

"I think it's the grass roots efforts that are going on here — so many people are rolling up their sleeves and taking their own initative to help rebuild, and a lot of those rebuilding efforts are ensuring that a positive community impact is a foundation of their business concept. We live in it and we see it every day, so if we can do something to help while also being just conscious entrepreneurs is a growing movement here."
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