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Ice Cream Day is Tomorrow, East English Village Tonight

John D Bistro

EAST ENGLISH VILLAGE — Now that one of Detroit's "most desirable neighborhoods" (not our words) is turning the big 1-0-0, it makes sense that the residents would want to have a blow out. That blow out is tonight, and is going by the more elegant name of Restaurant of the Century. From six p.m. to midnight tonight at Cadieux Stage, a wide variety of popup vendors will proffer food, drink and delicious desserts. In a special Greasy Spoons Week-related point (although not planned, believe us), Corktown's Green Dot Stables will be on hand with some sliders. [DetNews]

GREEKTOWN — Downtown Booster and Chief Fan Boy Dan Gilbert was widely expected to offer a bid on the expensive and terribly behind-schedule Wayne County Jail complex on the eastern edge of the downtown core. What was not expected, however, was that his development plans for the property would include a giant mixed-use entertainment district akin to a protracted expansion of the Greektown area. More coneys? More Greektown? More apartments? It's all a bunch of possible for the Rock Ventures crew. [Freep/DetNews]

DETROIT — Ride-sharing taxi cab app gurus Uber know that it's hot, so to service their fans / customers, July 19 is a nationwide ice cream day. Between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. tomorrow, using the Uber app and requesting ice cream will actually do just that — deliver ice cream to you front and center. The rates run $20 for five people, which means that you and five of your coworkers can enjoy tasty frozen treats in the middle of the afternoon while everyone else stares at you full of jealousy. [Uber / EN]

FERNDALE — In a fit of celebration for their new executive chef, Scott Breazeale, Ferndale's John D Bistro is putting out a new weekend menu starting this evening. With some rather swanky-sounding options and the promise of future new weekend brunch menus, all this new stuff is sounding pretty alright to us. [DetNews]

Green Dot Stables

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