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Gluten Free Detroit, La Feria to Open By September?

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La Feria

DETROIT — It might come as a surprise to some, but the city of Detroit is really, really concerned about its gluten-free residents. That concern is further elevated by a HuffPo / GrubHub tracking poll that determined (based on the menu choices at restaurants already participating in the online home-delivery service) that Detroit is the number one city for gluten-free delivery food. Granted, that doesn't mean the city has the most food celiac-friendly food, period. Rather, it shows that the local restaurants who've signed up for GrubHub are gluten-concious and proud of it. In other Mitten shoutouts, Lansing made number six and Ann Arbor is number nine. (But we're number one!) [HuffPoDetroit]

MIDTOWN — Recent (or not really all that recent) Hatch Detroit funding winner, the midtown tapas bar La Feria, has plugged a summer 2013 opening for months now. While the buildout on the Cass Ave. space still looks far from finished, a posting this week for future employees suggests that "August 26, or as soon as can be arranged" is the actual target opening date. What that means in reality is hard to say. Applications for the panel of positions cut off by the end of the month, putting training and trials in early August. Could La Feria open up before Labor Day? It just might. [-ED-]

GREEKTOWN — While Michigan insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield hasn't finalized a deal to assume ownership of the Cornice and Slate building near their already-exisiting Bricktown offices, fans of Flood's Bar and Grille can rest assured that the health folks won't put the axe to the soul food action. The guys and gals at the Metro Times are going to find a new home (and fast), but those catfish bites aren't going anywhere. [ModelD]

La Feria Spanish Tapas

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