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On Your Mark, Get Set, GREASE: Greasy Spoons Week

Hunter House

Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week 2013, a coordinated celebration across the expansive Eater network. All this week, we'll be celebrating the all-night breakfasts, those artery-clogging side dishes and the saucy short-order cooks and waitstaff that bring wit, bacon and bottomless coffees throughout the meal.

Detroit has more than its fair share of iconic greasy spoons, and we'll be sharing a map of some of those eateries later this afternoon, complete with an order suggestion at each location. But we still need your help. We'll be waxing poetic about greasy spoons until Friday afternoon, and we'd love to write about your favorite diner. Do you have a favorite location we might not know about? How about a killer club sandwich that everyone should try? Let us know, and help us make Greasy Spoons Week the greasiest and most open source week of eating possible.