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Not a Drill: Free Drinks Today At Rattlesnake Club

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Rattlesnake Club

What with the weekend APBA Gold Cup festivities on the waterfront and all, it's already a great idea to stop by for a drink by the river. So the news that the entertainment gurus at Core Detroit is sponsoring a Free Drink Friday at the Rattlesnake Club comes as an extra special surprise.

There's a variety of social media activity required to drop in and score a free beverage, and there's also always the chance that somebody might beat you to the 10 person freebie limit. However, from four to six p.m. this afternoon (let's be honest — probably a good idea to get there closer to four for the free action) it's open season. Plus, you could always just stay there and enjoy the Gold Cup action all weekend regardless of freebies, but who really wants to say no to a free drink? There will be future Free Drink Fridays, as well, so if you miss out on today there's always another chance to free it all up next weekend.

The Rattlesnake Club

300 River Place Drive, , MI 48207 (313) 567-4400 Visit Website