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Google Loves Detroit, Dry Fountains Downtown, More!


DOWNTOWN—Two iconic high-rises on the Detroit River are being showered with upgrades of every variety. Owners of the Riverfront Towers Apartments are parting with an estimated $5M for everything from hundreds of new appliances to improved landscaping.

CITYWIDE—The latest incarnation of the Google Maps app was launched with a wild commercial set entirely in Detroit. Local favorites like LJ's Lounge and Showtime Clothing play starring rolls.

STATE FAIRGROUNDS:—A security guard at Detroit's first-ever Meijer reveals the new store's grand opening will happen July 25. Originally scheduled to open in May, Meijer is part of the big-box Gateway Marketplace shopping center on 8 Mile Road.

DOWNTOWN:Two of the city's popular fountains are bone dry, thanks in part to vandals that struck over the winter.