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Hiring Call At Detroit Vegan Soul Means Opening Is Nigh

Detroit Vegan Soul

Like many of the soon-to-open restaurants in the city, the West Village's Detroit Vegan Soul is waiting for a variety of permits, approvals and construction projects before hitting the switch on the open sign. Their ambitiously indeterminate original opening date was pushed back in late June when the inspection process gummed up the works.

Just yesterday, the Detroit Vegan Soul crew posted a call for applications, which adds greater fuel to the speculative fire of opening. Servers, Dishwashers and Kitchen Assistants are encouraged to apply before July 17, which suggests that the restaurant itself isn't likely to open until at least the week of the 29th, if not all the way in August, hiring and training period depending. Whenever the date, they aren't sharing it yet — a Facebook commenter yesterday asked the burning question we've all been wondering about, and DVS promised the big reveal would come "very soon."
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Detroit Vegan Soul

8029 Agnes Street, , MI 48214 (313) 649-2759 Visit Website

Detroit Vegan Soul

8029 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214