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7-Eleven Is Coming, Puns a' Plenty in South Detroit

Mudgie's Deli

DOWNTOWN — It being July 11, aka the annual Free Slurpee Day at neighborhood 7-Elevens everywhere, it's important to note that Detroit neighborhoods currently have no such luck. However, MLive's David Muller used the unofficial but deeply beloved holiday to remind everyone that the collection of planned Detroit 7-Elevens will open later this year, with two set to open as recently as October. No word yet as to exactly where these convenience stores will be in the city, but a 7-Eleven spokeswoman promised more info — and more 7-Elevens — soon. [MLive]

WINDSOR — As everyone but Journey seems to know, there is no such thing as South Detroit. "Don't Stop Believin'" aside, there will soon be an actual South Detroit restaurant / bar in downtown Windsor. The name is said to come from the city's history and cross-border cultural identity more than the beloved song lyrics, but we'll wait and see what they do with the food and decor when it opens. The owners promise "the best of Detroit's classic dishes with a twist," so expect poutine smothered coney dogs and knock-off Faygo. [Windsorite]

MIDTOWN / EASTERN MARKET / CORKTOWN — Coming hot on the tails of the recent Fodor's post on why everyone should drop everything and come to Detroit RIGHT NOW, the astute artistic types of Apartment Therapy have delivered their own "Design Lover's Guide To Detroit." While we might question any tourism guide that includes not one but two entire hotel suggestions that aren't even open yet, we can get behind their food suggestions, including Avalon, Brooklyn Street Local, Mudgie's, Russell Street Deli, Great Lakes Coffee and Slow's. To the curious readers from the outside world, we note that there are many great restaurants and hotels in our fair city, most of which are actually open for business. [Apartment Therapy]

Great Lakes Coffee

3965 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 831-9627 Visit Website

Slows Bar-B-Q

2138 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216 313-962-9828