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Authentic Beach Bistro Experience Well Within Reach

Lake St. Clair Metropark

Life's a beach. And until September, Campus Martius is, too.

Punny break-ins aside, it's a strange and curious thing to see the city's privately-owned central gathering space all dolled up with sand and imaginary surf. And it's even curiouser to see the increasingly popular Beach Bar and Grille dishing out cocktails, cheap beer and appetizer-type snack items on the nearby patio.

It's almost as if actual sandy beaches and the care-free lifestyle they promise were far, far away and way out of reach...or are they?

In fact, the Detroit area is literally surrounded by sandy, actual beaches with actually passable food and drink available for purchase. Some of these beaches will even allow picnicking and personal drink consumption on their authentic stretches of sand.

Lake St. Clair (Read: Metro Beach) Metropark in nearby Harrison Township has a charming stretch of lakefront for the brave and / or humidity-averse, and also is planning a historical Birds, Boats & Booze cruise along the St. Clair River Flats several times throughout July.

Despite whatever childhood reservations might prevent Metro Park goers from eating at the concession stands, many of the region's parks have some more than decent food. The flagship Metropark, Kensington, especially scores with its Farm Center / Maple Beach combo.

True, these actual beaches with their actual beach food don't have a view of downtown Detroit's bustling heart at the end of workday. And that's exactly the point.
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