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Happy Canada Day; Here's Where To Get Some Poutine

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Brooklyn Street Local

It's Canada Day, which is essentially Windsor's version of the Fourth of July, except without the crazy fireworks and extra-enthusiastic patriotism. There are a lot of specific, Canada-related things that the holiday requires — trying to remember more than the first few words of "O, Canada," hanging out with Royal Canadian Mounties, remembering that Canada is officially ruled by Queen Elizabeth II — but the best way to celebrate any holiday is to eat.

And the best way to eat through a kind-of holiday like Canada Day is to eat poutine, a Quebecois specialty that clogs arteries just as much as it wins hearts and minds. We've got a list of the best poutine this side of the Ambassador Bridge, so saluting our northern neighbors can be as simple as walking down the street and contemplating the gravy-covered fries of liberty.

Poutine, a pile of French fries buried in brown gravy, cheese curds and other secret Quebecois treats, is technically not the first dish a patriotic Canadian would consume on Canada Day. A regional dish in the country's most French province, poutine is especially tricky for the infamously independent-minded Quebec on a federal holiday like Canada Day.

But, for Americans, intricate regional differences are nothing compared to the intricate taste sensations of a delicious plate of poutine. Here's where to find the city's best cheese curds.

BROOKLYN STREET LOCAL — The midtown diner is owned by a pair of Canadians, making their particular blend of poutine especially potent.

GREEN DOT STABLES — Even though this Corktown hotspot is known for its diverse array of sliders, the $3 poutine is a delicious steal.

MERCURY BURGER BAR — In keeping with the Corktown theme (proximity to Canada, eh?), this corner bar keeps it coming with a piling plate of cheese-curdled goodness.

And, although it's anything but domestic, Frenchy's Poutinery in neighboring Windsor just might be the place for an authentically Canadian Canada Day.
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Mercury Burger & Bar

2163 Michigan Avenue, , MI 48216 (313) 964-5000 Visit Website

Green Dot Stables

2200 West Lafayette Boulevard, , MI 48216 (313) 962-5588 Visit Website