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DTE Builds Up, Chicken & Waffles on Livernois

Chris and Michelle Gerard / Curbed Detroit

DOWNTOWN — With an eye on neighborhood stabilization, local power giant DTE Energy has purchased two plots of land near its West Downtown headquarters. Nothing specific is planned for either space — an abandoned lot and a former Salvation Army building — but company spokeswoman Randi Berris told Deadline Detroit that a bar or restaurant is entirely possible as plans work their way forward. [Deadline Detroit]

WINDSOR — Even though the Canadian city of Windsor full-on stole Detroit's mostly-American fireworks in June as celebration enough for their Canada Day salute to confederation, there's still plenty of festivities left in the Motor City's southern (yes, southern) neighbor. Food, frolics and more await visitors to this, the final day of Windsor's 2013 Summerfest. Passports required. [Eater Detroit]

SHERWOOD FOREST — In keeping with a recent Detroit habit of rediscovering and restoring absolutely charming storefronts (here's looking at you, West Village restaurants-in-waiting), the Livernois Avenue of Fashion retrofit is well underway. Kuzzo's Chicken and Waffles is already primed for its future opening near the corner of Livernois and Cambridge, but there's no reason that other cafes / restaurants can't join the fun. [Curbed Detroit]