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Shinola x DROUGHT Opens, Scurvy Rates Plummet

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Midtown's brightly burning bike scene aside, the arrival of the flagship Shinola store on a buzzy block of West Canfield means just one thing to a certain breed of raw food fans: DROUGHT has arrived.

The elegantly designed invites to their Friday Grand Opening give Shinola — makers of widely praised bikes and watches — and DROUGHT — purveyors of raw, cold-pressed fruit juices and cleanses — equal billing, even though the opening is clearly targeted at the bike and watch crowd more than the raw fruit brigade.

DROUGHT, a local staple originating in nearby Plymouth, already provides for delivery in Metro Detroit, and is one of the local products proudly featured at the Midtown Whole Foods. Their crafting process is almost as intense as their flavor, and their simple bottle design makes for attractive flower storage after the fact.

Their micro store-within-a-store fits in well with Shinola's hand-crafted bikes, watches and paper products. More importantly, DROUGHT's retail adventures give Midtowners no excuse to miss out on their daily allotment of fruits and veggies (especially in the West Canfield area, which is a stone's throw from Goodwell's, the Cass Community Garden and both the old and new locations of Avalon International Breads).

Is DROUGHT pricey? Why yes, it is. But is it a delicious way to get full nutrition? Check out Shinola this weekend to see for yourself.
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