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Motor City Bar Fades in NYC, Whole Foods Gets Poked

Whole Foods Detroit

NEW YORK— The Motor City Bar, a divey 20-year old Lower East Side establishment beloved for its "funky" vibe and off-kilter regulars, officially closes at the end of this week. A blow out goodbye party kicked off the last week of Detroit's namesake Manhattan watering hole, but it would appear that this timely end has been pending since at least February. [-E-]

CADILLAC SQUARE — This summer season is off to a humid start, but that shouldn't stop the excitement taking root in downtown Detroit's main gathering spaces. Nate Skid has a great column this week detailing the ups and downs of the Campus Martius and Cadillac Square scenes, paying extra attention to the clever reinvention of Cadillac Square as a friendly food destination with the brightly painted stalls that line the usually desolate central square. [Crain's Detroit]

STERLING HEIGHTS — The financial troubles of Flavor Flav's last remaining — and occasionally strugglingFlavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs aside, the place can still pack 'em in. Especially of course when Flavor Flav himself shows up, along with Ice Cube, Public Enemy and LL Cool J for good measure. The hip-hop legends made an appearance this afternoon before their concert this evening at Clarkston's DTE Energy Music Theatre. [MLive]

MIDTOWNMost Important Grocery Store in the World or not, the Midtown Detroit Whole Foods has generated more than its fair share of press attention since opening earlier this month. The folks over at Ann Arbor's Michigan Radio have asked a fair question this afternoon that's been on many minds: just who is shopping at Whole Foods? (Or Whole Paycheck, as they euphemistically suggest). It's not necessarily who you might think, making this nearly 18-minute interview well worth a listen. [Michigan Radio]