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Detroit Vegan Soul Lowers Expectations On Opening

Curbed Detroit

Though the once pop-up, now permanent West Village storefronts look nearly good enough to be eaten at, it turns out that one of the burgeoning collection of shops is slightly delayed.

Detroit Vegan Soul, a previous pop-up location whose earlier adventures in slinging vegan deliciousness were popular enough to convince them to make a permanent home for themselves, posted a message on their Facebook page this morning warning their many would-be fans that the wait until a grand opening might be longer than was originally expected:

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE! We know you're wondering, "When are they opening?!" It's coming later than expected, but definitely soon. We've signed a lease two of the three final inspections are happening next week. More updates to come! Thanks for hanging in with us.
What the vegan delay means for the other pending West Village outlets — Tarot and Tea, Red Hook Coffee and Craft Work — is still up in the air. In the meantime, do enjoy the mouth-watering series of photos the D.V.S. folks have provided on their Facebook page. If these photos are any indication, the wait might definitely be worth it.
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Detroit Vegan Soul

8029 Agnes Street, , MI 48214 (313) 649-2759 Visit Website

Detroit Vegan Soul

8029 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214