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PETA Says Comerica Park Is Good For Vegetarians

CBS Local SF

Finding a good meal at a sports arena is already a hassle in many cities, but finding a good vegetarian meal is even harder. At most, the best bets for non-meat eaters is a giant doughy pretzel covered in so-called cheese product.

For Tigers fans who skimp on the meat, the options are perhaps better at Comerica Park than most major league ballparks. And that range of options is getting national attention this week, as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, has named Comerica Park as the second most vegetarian friendly major league stadium.

The rankings, which give top marks to the Philadelphia Phillies' Citizens Bank Park, praise Comerica's "Triple Crown" vegetarian entree contenders: the Italian mock sausage, the vegan riblet sandwich and the veggie dog. PETA also gives high praise to the park's black-bean burger and vegetarian sushi.

It's terribly nice that Comerica Park helped push AT&T Park, home of the unfortunately reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants, from second to fourth place in this year's rankings. And for vegetarian Tiger types, it might be terribly nice to know that seeing a home game this season doesn't mean going hungry.
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