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Fake Royal Oak Food Trucks, Detroit Gains Breastaurants

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Tracy Nawrot / Detroit Metromix

METRO DETROIT — The "Breastaurant Boom" may not have hit Detroit just yet, but that doesn't mean the tide isn't finally coming in. Dallas-based Twin Peaks, which provides "high-quality food and ice cold draft beer served by friendly and attractive Twin Peaks Girls in a mountain sports lodge setting," is set to open up to six metro-Detroit based branches of their restaurant in the next year. The first outpost will take root as soon as next summer, the local franchise owners say. []

ROYAL OAK — The popular suburban food court widely known as downtown Royal Oak has seen a flurry of new restaurant openings in recent weeks, including sports bar and grill Hamlin Corner, Kalamata Greek Grill and the high-concept restaurant Food Truck Cafe. The establishment, which is owned by Kerry Johnson of the wildly successful local Cupcake Station franchise, features a trio of faux-food truck facades inside a large former Coffee Beanery on Woodward. Deli sandwiches, coffee and Mexican food are the first "trucks" to make an appearance in the space. [Deadline Detroit]

Eastern Market

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