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Jazzy Belle Cafe Wants Your Tweets

Jazzy Belle Cafe

Word on the tweet is that Jazzy Belle Cafe — a high-class bistro with a rather unusual pedigree — is set to open on Belle Isle later this month. The restaurant has been hitting up local food journalists on social media, trying to spread the good word and good cheer as they gear up for their Detroit debut.

But the restaurant, a self-described American Soul / Sea Food establishment with estimated prices starting at $53 and apparently ending somewhere north of $590, has an unusual way of self-promotion.

The @JazzyBelleCafe Twitter handle promises free vouchers to the first 50 followers — they're at 30 as of 8:30 pm on Friday — and also features a series of photos of future menu staples that suggest the cafe has a different understanding of what defines edible.

Some samples include "I only like my snake sweet. NEVER SPICY!" and "Bald Eagle Eggs for breakfast. These taste nothing like the eggs im used to. Chef John you did it again sir!," while the Facebook menu sample includes such rare treats as grasshoppers and crickets, Northern Leopard Frog and Wolverine (which is tagged as a signature entree).

Is this all a PR joke? Or will Jazzy Belle Cafe really take root on the city's embattled Belle Isle?

· Jazzy Belle Cafe [Facebook]
· Jazzy Belle Cafe [Twitter]

Jazzy Belle Cafe

6925 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48218