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Hockeytown Part Deux, Strawberry Season Stalled

BRIGGS — The Hour Detroit magazine's annual 'Best of Detroit' party hits the Motor City Casino's Sound Board tonight, complete with a menu of Southeastern Michigan's finest. Coach Insignia, Giovanni's Risorante, Great Lakes Coffee, Green Dot Stables, Joe Muer Seafood, Pegasus Tavernas, Roast, Slow's Bar BQ and The Whitney are among the city's best and brightest being toasted at the blowout event. [Hour Detroit]

DOWNTOWN — The new Red Wings arena will bring a host of new businesses to the downtown corridor, and a principal architect with the firm behind the proposed entertainment district says restaurants, retail and maybe even a movie theater are in the offing. "Mostly restaurants like Hockeytown - a mix of food and entertainment," he says, but a movie theater might just make the cut. [MLive]

TROY — Crain's Detroit resident restaurant guy Nathan Skid had a lousy time at one of many brand name steakhouses in Troy, and he wants every restaurant owner in the region to know about it. He turned the subpar service into a column's-worth of how-to-hire advice for managers everywhere. [Crain's Detroit Business]

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER — Since it's the first day of summer and all, it's important to note just how slow the strawberry season has been this year. Though you-pick patches are doing a lively bit of business, the chilly spring means that some fields might still be in a mid-rippening stage. [MLive]
[Hour Detroit]