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The Whitney Mixes Its Marketing Messages

Courtesy The Whitney Detroit

It's been a while since you last visited The Whitney for drinks and dinner, and don't think they didn't notice.

Giant banners decorate the light posts and front facade of the Midtown mansion, declaring that "The Whitney: [Is] Better Than You Remember" and "More Affordable Than You Think." It appears to be an attempt to convince reluctant passersby to take a chance and leave their cars with the pricey valet-only parking attendants under the mansion's graceful covered side portico.

The restaurant, a longtime staple of the Detroit fine-dining scene, came under new ownership, a new executive chef and new focus in mid-2012. The Liebler Family continues to pour money into the renovation and promotion of the restaurant, repeatedly insisting just how refined and elegant their dining experience is, even while more immediate advertising in front of the restaurant itself hopes to pull confused and curious onlookers inside with the allure of a designated city landmark.

With an entrée selection that starts at $24 and tops out at $79 (appetizers or starters not included), The Whitney certainly doesn't seem to be trying too hard internally to convince patrons that the menu is less expensive than they might have imagined.

A recent push for 'power breakfasts' at The Whitney also seems doomed to attract a broader audience beyond Motor City business tycoons. But those banners do draw the eye.
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The Whitney

4421 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48201