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New Center Eatery's Chicken And Waffles, La Feria Earns Great Review

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The blog Made In Michigan reviews New Center Eatery in New Center's chicken and waffles. It's not the only chicken and waffles place in the city, but supposedly they do a good job, "for about $9, New Center Eatery's offering ain't half bad. The meat is fried, moist and fresh and slides right off the bone, and the waffle is the perfect specimen of a waffle, fluffy and light to the touch. The kitchen does it right, even serving the waffles up with strawberry butter." To sum it all up, "Just remember to ask for syrup, and you've got a one way ticket to a cellulose-laden heaven." Clearly Made In Michigan is on board with the whole salty/sweet thing.

Sylvia Rector's Great Plates features the Blue Grill in Milford's rice bowl, which she loves for it's low price and fresh ingredients. She writes of the owner, "Mansour says he makes everything in house with ingredients from Eastern Market." and that even includes making his own shawarma, which he cuts, roasts, and marinates himself.

Noelle Lothamer at the Metro Times reviews CoCo Fairfield's in Berkely this week, for both breakfast and lunch. Lunch was a letdown, but breakfast was another matter. Lothamer writes lovingly about the crab cakes benedict, "It's not an exaggeration to say that I've never had such perfectly executed crab cakes, even in fine dining restaurants, and let alone for a mere $10. Big, moist chunks of crabmeat are perfectly seasoned and just barely bound together..these are topped with over-easy eggs and Hollandaise sauce (also exemplary), with potatoes on the side. Usually at breakfast I only manage about half my plate, but this was promptly devoured." So skip the lunch, which is overpriced and mediocre, but brave the wait for breakfast.

Sylvia Rector headed to Milford to test out Smoke Street, she notes that they're still working out a few kinks and there's some inconsistencies, but overall, "I like Smoke Street's quality, flavors and approach." It's a lot of food and it's a good bargain, but just don't get the baked beans. Nothing sounds appetizing about "dry" and "too much molasses".

Molly Abraham visited La Feria in Midtown, and she had great things to say. She starts with "authentic" praise, "We toss around the word "authentic" a little carelessly sometimes. Not so in the case of La Feria, a true tapas bar with offerings much as you would find in Seville or Madrid." She loves the food, the "efficient" use of space, and is positive about the whole experience. Just in case anyone needed another reason to check out the Spanish Tapas restaurant...
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La Feria Spanish Tapas

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