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Tour the Abandoned Strathmore; M1 Rail Progress; More!

Exterior photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard, interior via Hamilton Anderson

PALMER WOODS — The Van Dusen Mansion, a nine-bedroom monster in Palmer Woods, is celebrating its 3rd year on the market. After inexplicably increasing the list price, the ownership is now offering the beautiful mansion for rent. Check out what $5K/month will rent in Detroit's mansion scene.
DOWNTOWN— The first signs of the M1 Rail have appeared, with workers starting to dig for utilities at Woodward and Congress, the streetcar's southernmost stop.
MIDTOWN— Of all of Midtown's renovations, the Strathmore Hotel's conversion from a bombed-out shell to over 100 apartments promises to be the most dramatic. Come see the ruined interior before restoration begins.
UNIVERSITY DISTRICT — A gorgeous Tudor caught our eye when it was asking $139K in March. Now it's back on the market, with new plywood on the windows and a price chop of over 50%.