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Tips For Jesus: The Bar Louie Story

Photo TipsForJesus Instagram

Michigan has been buzzing with the news that an anonymous man, who signs his receipts Tips For Jesus, has been leaving huge tips (up to $10,000) across the country made several stops in Ann Arbor, including one to the Alley Bar where he left a $7,000 tip, and Bar Louie, where he left the lucky server Ben Swerdlow-Freed $3,000.

From WXYZ:

"They drank a few beers, ate a little," said Ben. Then it came time to pay. They handed him a $3,000 tip. When he asked them why, he was told he gave them the perfect beer recommendation. "It was Bell's Two Hearted Ale, one of our Michigan craft beers," said Ben.

The tip made a big difference in Ben's life, but he also tried to spread the wealth;

The tip made Ben's life easier for a while. It allowed him to pay off a year's worth of phone bills and car insurance. It also allowed him to take his co-workers out for drinks. "We tipped some other servers very well," said Ben.

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