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Tips For Jesus Leaves $10,000 Of Tips In Ann Arbor

Photo TipsForJesus Instagram

Tips For Jesus has been in the news as the anonymous black AmEx card holder who leaves $500-$10,000 tips (yes, five hundred to ten thousand dollars) is Instagramming his way around the country, and even Ann Arbor.

MLive reports that the tipper left a $3,000 tip at Bar Louie in Ann Arbor and then a $7,000 tip at Alley Bar. Alley Bar co-owner Robbie Schulz says that the tipper travels with a group:

"It's one group (of people)...One of the guys has been very successful, and they said it's his way to redistribute some wealth and it makes him happy to make people's night. I think it's as simple as that,"

The tips are big, even when the bills are relatively small. The Bar Louie tab with the $3,000 tip only totaled $87.98. Extravagant tips can sometimes be fake, or just not go through, but that hasn't been the case with the tips left by the Tips For Jesus guy;

"Before he gave (the receipt) back to me, he said, 'this is real, this is legit, we've done this at other places before and the tip will go through. If you need me to verify anything, I will verify it,'"

Check out the TipsForJesus Instagram to see photos of receipts and many of the lucky servers and bartenders.
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