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The Best 2014 Headline Predictions

It is a tradition at Eater to survey friends, industry types, and bloggers at the end of each year. Eater Detroit already asked them (and ourselves) about restaurant standbys and the year's top newcomers. They summed up 2013 in one word, revealed the best dining neighborhoods, and shared the biggest dining surprises of 2013. We covered the best meal of 2013, and the restaurant break ups, and now it's time to say out with the old! Read on for some 2014 headline predictions. They're serious, humorous, and pretty dead on.

[Fatburger Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Question: What are your headline predictions for 2014?
Victoria Trudeau, Editor Eater Detroit: "Detroit: the Nation's Hottest Culinary Destination."
"Guns + Butter Pops Up At The White House."
"Real Chefs Of Detroit To Start Filming...In Birmingham."

Paul Beshouri, Editor Curbed Detroit: "Fatburger goes out of business, no one notices."
"DD Pies opens standalone store downtown."
"Panara Bread (or similar) coming to midtown"

IW, Eater Detroit reader: Matty Moroun will start selling concessions to those who come to view his train station holiday decorations.

Eli Boyer, Restaurateur: "From Destitute to Delectable. Detroit is America's Next Great Food Destination"

Emilia Juocys, Assistant Michael Ruhlman: "Symon's Bspot rules the 'burbs"
"Pop ups are Cruising up Woodward"
"Destinations for Desserts"
"Detroit: Redesigning Cuisine & Service"

LT, Eater Detroit reader: "Ferndale will be an even "Hotter" Dining spot!" Lets hope that the B'ham Bistro crowd doesn't discover it :(

George Vieira, Blogger: Greater Downtown Detroit will surpass Seattle in coffee shops per capita.

BW, Eater Detroit reader: Prediction that in addition to Midtown and Corktown something new and exciting will hopefully be announced for lower Woodward, in space now owned by Gilbert & Co. Maybe not 2014, but we can wish. And please, a Kosher deli for downtown!

Courtney Ochab, Freelance Journalist: "Atwater's expansion to Grosse Point and Corktown- brewing more beer to drink and sell."
"Rubbed, the charcuterie that's bringing competition to Mudgies and Ernie's."