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What Were Your Restaurant Standbys In 2013?

It is a tradition at Eater to survey friends, industry types, and bloggers at the end of each year. Welcome to the first of these posts for Eater Detroit, where we ask them (and ourselves) about restaurant standbys, those places where we found ourselves again and again in 2013.
[Photo Phoenicia Facebook]

Question: What was your restaurant standby this year?
Eli Boyer, Restaurateur: Taqueria El Rey. Detroiters don't appreciate their Mexican spots like they should! This spot should have a line out the door every day...

LT, Eater Detroit reader: Tre Monte

George Vieira, Blogger: Travis Coffee Shop on 9 Mile and Mack. Most opt for a regular ol' slider, but I'm sucker for the Mr. 5X5 - 5 slider patties smashed together into one unholy burger. Salty waitresses and even saltier food make this diner a great cheap eat.

Victoria Trudeau, Editor Eater Detroit: Green Dot Stables: cheap, good, and the mystery meat is always interesting.

Emilia Juocys, Assistant Michael Ruhlman: Supinos or Take Sushi in Rochester.

RS, Eater Detroit reader: Phoenicia in Birmingham.

Courtney Ochab, Freelance Journalist: Bucharest Grill, good cheap schwarmas. Perfectly seasoned beef or chicken, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and enough garlic to cover any hint of beer on your breath.

Paul Beshouri, Editor Curbed Detroit: Fountain Bistro.

Tre Monti Ristorante

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