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Atwater In The Park Opening In Sight

Photos courtesy of Atwater Brewery and Courtney Ochab

Atwater's 5 Hectoliter Braukon German Brewhouse, Atwater in the Park, is scheduled to open April 1st, 2014. The new facility will be located in Grosse Pointe Park and involves renovating an historic church for brewing, winemaking, and distilling. Michigan State's Distillery Program has already begun the fermentation and aging processes of Atwater's whiskey.

Included with the new brewhouse and pilot brewery will be a taproom (seating 120), full-service food menu, and an heated outdoor biergarten (seating 50+). The beer hall will be in the basement of the reclaimed church and on the main floor a circular bar will be the center feature. Reclaimed pews will be used as community-style bench seating. The altar of the church will display the brewing equipment, the center of the church and biergarten. Separate rooms will also be used for seating and a merchandise room will be available, hosting special events such as beer tastings, classes, and homebrew equipment and competitions.


"Through every expansion we're bringing Detroit with us. The city that has shown us this much love and support through the years is the reason we're growing and we want to ensure the city expands with us, highlighted in every brew," said Owner Mark Rieth. "We have plans of expansions in Grosse Point, Corktown, and even a production facility in Texas. We want our brand to be local, and local Detroit- no matter where we are." [by Courtney Ochab]
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Atwater in the Park

1175 Lakepointe Street, Grosse Pointe Park, MI Visit Website