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Roundup Of End-Of-Year-Roundups

Looking for end of year roundups? Well here are a few from around Detroit, with their pros and cons. Featured are Crain's Detroit, Eat It Detroit, and The Detroit Free Press. Each list features a culinary wrap up, whether it's all restaurants, the larger industry, or just anything edible, take a look at Detroit's year in food.

Crain's Detroit: "From Torino's tasting menu to distillery dreams, metro Detroit foodies had much to indulge in - and talk about - this year. Here's a look at the top restaurant headlines in 2013." by Nathan Skid.
Pros: Covers the big ones (Two James, Torino, Whole Foods) and also some great people-focused stories, like the "Matt Prentice Saga" and "Mindy Lopus (Tallulah, Red Crown) Takes A Bow". For added bonus, the Cheesecake Factory craziness is also featured.
Cons: No mention of the incredible number of new places opening up this year. Focus is 'burbs heavy. Whole Foods called a "restaurant".

Eat It Detroit: "[HOT LIST] FOOD! DETROIT! THE BEST YEAR EVER! (2013 Edition)" by Nicole Rupersburg.
Pros: Contains a pretty solid list of places that opened in the past year, though there are some omissions. Also has a list of what's supposed to be opening in the next year. Get excited about that one.
Cons: It's very, very long. Love cuss words? That's a must when reading this site.

The Detroit Free Press: "Metro Detroit's best new restaurants of 2013? The envelope, please ..." by Sylvia Rector.
Pros: It's a big name publication with a lot of clout, so it's exciting to see what makes the list.
Cons: It's pretty much a who's who of the suburbs, with the exception of Ottava Via. And according to Eater Detroit's ongoing poll, someone (MEX) really didn't deserve to make the list.
· From Torino's tasting menu to distillery dreams... [Crain's Detroit]
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