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The Eater Detroit End Of Year Survey

Holiday Food Bazaar Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

The year is almost over, and publications are making their "best of" lists and everyone has an opinion. Well, now it's your turn. Eater Detroit will be posting your responses to the questions to find out the who, what, and where of Detroit and Metro Detroit's restaurants this year. So go on, be honest, and have fun! Shy about commenting? Feel free to send your answers in an email or anonymous message if that's more your speed.


*What was your restaurant standby this year?

*What was the top newcomer of 2013?

*Sum up 2013 in one word

*What was the best dining neighborhood of 2013?

*What was the biggest dining surprise of 2013?

*What was the single best meal of 2013?

*Which restaurants, if any, did you break up with this year? Why?

*What are your headline predictions for 2014?