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Coffee and (___) Closing For Good?

Coffee and (____) Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Just a month ago Angela Foster, owner of Coffee and (____) in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood announced her plan to turn the pop-up into a permanent brick and mortar, but she posted Thursday, December 19th on Facebook that that plan was no longer a viable option:

10 More Days! If you haven't had a chance to see this beautiful space, get in here as, sadly, Coffee and (___) will only be open through Jan 6th Open today, tomorrow, Dec 23, Dec 26-28 and Jan 3-6th.

However, there may be hope yet. Commenting on her earlier post on Saturday, December 21st she made a new announcement:

Thanks, everyone for all the comments! In the two days since I posted I was closing on Jan 6th in order to not anger the city and try to work on getting a Certificate of Occupancy, I have received so much support that it feels like a miracle. I have no doubt that Coffee and () will be able to re-open in its' present location in this spring, hopefully by April. In the meantime, please stop in before Jan 7th!

It's unfortunate that the neighborhood's leaders haven't been as supportive as they could be of her business, but encouraging that the neighborhood and other locals are eager to encourage positive new growth in the city.
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Coffee and (_______)

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