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Stockyard Popping Up In Detroit; Authentic French Pastry-In Birmingham

Photo Cannelle Patisserie Birmingham

PONTIAC/DETROIT—Chef Marc Bogoff is working to bring his pop-up concept Stockyard to Detroit, and he's also starting a food truck which will be serving lunches in and around the city starting at the end of January, 2014. [Deadline Detroit]

DETROITGeorge Viera of the blog Made In Michigan fantasizes about what it would be like to show Samantha Brown (Travel Channel's perky blonde adventuress) around Detroit. It's pretty entertaining, and it's interesting to see what someone else's idea of a good tour of the city might look like. [Made In Michigan]

BIRMINGHAM—It's definitely dessert season, and pastries in Birmingham made by chef Matt Knio at Cannelle Patisserie are popping up all over the metro, at Great Lakes Coffee, Social Kitchen, Streetside Seafood, Luxe Bar & Grill, and many more places. He is a classic French pastry chef through and through, and Hour has the story. [Hour Detroit]