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Revolver Giving Away A Free Dinner; Hungry Dudes Dessert A Holiday Favorite

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

HAMTRAMCKRevolver is just 6 away from 1000 Facebook likes and they're excited about it, but everyone else should be excited because once they reach 1000 likes they'll select one at random and that person will get a free Revolver dinner, which is pretty great. [Facebook]

DETROITThe Hungry Dudes have a recipe up on The Skinny Scoop's list of 25 best holiday desserts. Their Hot Chocolate On A Stick is in the running to win. It's not clear what exactly they'll win, but still, good job! [Facebook]

WOLVERINE LAKE— The C.A.Y.A Smokehouse is now doing brunch, and they'll soon be adding house-smoked meats to the menu as well. Supposedly everything is well-priced, many things are made in house (including Hollandaise and sausage gravy) and there are four kinds of eggs Benedict on the menu too. [Freep]


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