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City Kitchen's Pot Pie; Vegetarian At Market North End

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Jane Slaughter at The Metro Times reviews Birmingham's Market North End this week and she has mostly positive things to say. She starts by praising the restaurant's vegetarian options; "One of the notable facts about the new Market North End (which is a restaurant, not a market) is how vegetarian-friendly it is, especially if that vegetarian eats seafood. Putting that information up front could give the wrong idea, because the place is no kind of scrubbed-and-earnest veggie joint; there's plenty of meat and plenty of cocktails. She notes a few misses along the way, including each of the three appetizers they ordered, but overall she seems to think it's worth a visit.

Over at The Free Press Sylvia Rector reviews the chicken potpie at City Kitchen in Grosse Pointe. She oozes about the warming winter dish, "Every piece of carrot, potato, celery and onion is firm but tender. The meaty chunks of white chicken breast are moist and flavorful. And the aromatic yellow sauce, called veloute, is created from scratch with house-made stock — which explains its real-chicken-y goodness." Oh, and it's made to order.
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