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Andrews On The Corner 95 Years In

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Hour Detroit covers a classic in their article about Andrews On The Corner and its 95 year history in the Rivertown district. The bar has been in owner Tom Woolsey's family for generations, it survived Prohibition, flourished in the 1980's, and stayed as Rivertown neighbors like Soup Kitchen, Woodbridge Tavern, Rhinoceros Club, and more were driven out by the (ultimately unrealized) plans for casinos in the late 1990's.

The piece shares the history of the bar, and goes into detail about Woolsey's passion for Hockey and the Red Wings and the significance of the bar to Hockeytown's dedicated players and fans. Woolsey acknowledges that the bar is changing in recent years, but that the change is good, and if they've weathered 95 years there's a good chance they'll be around for a while yet. Especially if Woolsey is at the helm.
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Andrews on the Corner

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