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Packard Plant Deal Still Not Complete; Eminem's Childhood Home Burned

Image via Detroit Urbex

PACKARD PLANTThe Hults, a developer from Chicago, is creeping up on a sale. He's now put down 10% of the purchase price for the Packard Plant, after bidding $2M in the last foreclosure auction. How long will it take for Wayne County to collect the rest? Get comfortable and don't hold your breath.

BRUSH PARK— Are you shopping at Whole Foods Detroit instead of Ye Old Butcher Shoppe? The answer is probably YES because a YESSER says it is pretty empty in the latter. Is it all in the n@ame?

8 MILE— The home that is pictured in the 2013 cover of "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" suffered a sadly typical fate when it burned last night. The childhood home of rapper Eminem (who is also sometimes an actor if the film is about his life) is currently owned by the Land Bank after going into foreclosure.

CORKTOWNThe CPA building has a signed purchase offer, but will the sellers really close? The building has changed prices several times over the years, and is in need of serous work. Recently a car crashed into the front. The current would-be buyers and price are still unknown.

DOWNTOWNThe University Club building went through a rather quick and painful demolition this week, which began Tuesday morning. The once beautiful building burned a bit in June and has been closed since 2008.