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Detroit's Best Cocktail Bars; Zagat Names Buddy's Michigan's Best Pizza

Two James Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

HAMTRAMCKBuddy's Pizza was just named Michigan's Best Pizza according to Zagat, who just listed 50 pizzas in 50 states. [Hell Yeah Detroit]

DETROITThrillist just made their own list of the best cocktail bars in Detroit, and then Deadline Detroit added on to it, so take a look and compare it with Eater's list. The lists are honestly pretty similar, but Centaur Bar? Really? [Deadline Detroit]

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Looking for an event to attend this weekend? Pickings are a little strange, but Deadline Detroit has a list, which includes a Mustache Run, Whiskey Business and Wine Stomp, Pewabic Pottery, and Whirling Dervishes (yes really). [Deadline Detroit]

Buddy's Pizza

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