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Curbed Gets Snarky, Rock City Gets Props

Rock City Eatery Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

In today's snark update, Eater's sister site Curbed Detroit just got called out by a commenter for being a bit too judgy, and a new Hamtramck restaurant got a shout out in the same breath. An anonymous tipster reminded Curbed of their harsh review of a Hamtramck flat a while back: "Heyo - you know how badly you guys panned the Hamtramck flat with plywood walls? The much-lauded, hipster-foodie haven Rock City Eatery saw photos of it and, well...they ran with it. So not everyone hates the look, and I think that's pretty neat."

Okay anonymous tipster, they made it work. But while it's true that the super shiny plywood look is a huge part of Rock City Eatery's low key vibe, it's also true that people don't have to sleep there. And the unforgettable (and frankly unforgivable) weird wall of blinding industrial metal sheeting stuff is also blissfully absent from Rock City's Decor, so is this really a fair comparison? In any case, it's nice to see creativity done well, so Rock City, good job making something ugly kind of cool.
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Rock City Eatery

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