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Whiskey Business in Royal Oak; Revolver's Friday Dinner Gets Sentimental

Revolver Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

ROYAL OAK— This Friday the Royal Oak Farmer's Market hosts Whiskey Business, and event featuring over 100 whiskies from brands large and small, national and international. The event will also feature whiskey-inspired appetizers from local restaurants and live entertainment. It starts at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, November 8th, and tickets can be purchased through a link on their Facebook page. [Facebook]

HAMTRAMCKRevolver is hosting another dinner, this time with guest chef Phil Jones, whose Friday meal is inspired by the important women in his life. Menu and more info is available on Revolver's Facebook page. [Facebook]

DETROITThe Hungry Dudes have added a new "dude" (dudette? no? okay.) to the group, and she'll be doing restaurant reviews of a wide range of places, including reader-submitted favorites. Read the first one here, about Pho at Que Huang. [Facebook]


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