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A Moveable Tweet

Yesterday's Eater NY story that mentioned The Rattlesnake Club sparked an inquiry about the truth of the beef tenderloin thief story on Twitter, so Eater Detroit asked; "@EaterWire Noticed the old story about The Rattle Snake Club @Rattlesnake_Det -anybody know the inside scoop on whether or not it's true?" Sure enough, The Rattlesnake Club did not disappoint with their reply; "@EaterDetroit @EaterWire It's all true! ;) #Farouk #storyteller" Of course if anyone would know the inside scoop on an old story it would be the legendary Rattlesnake bartender Farouk Elhaje. [-ED-]

The Rattlesnake Club

300 River Place Drive, , MI 48207 (313) 567-4400 Visit Website