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15 Thanksgiving Things

Rock City Eatery Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— First, 5 Things You Don't Want To See On Your Thanksgiving Table comes courtesy of "humorist" Bill Mann, who suggests a list of foods that should be decidedly absent from the Thanksgiving feast. While some of them are legit (yes, Tofurkey, we're looking at you) a few might be unfair; who hates garlic mashed potatoes?!? [Freep]

DETROIT— Ann Brenoff at the Huffington Post is up next, with 5 Things Not To Bring To The Thanksgiving Table. Most of it isn't food, most of it is people problems, and she's right, it's stressful enough to cook for a bunch of people and hang out with relatives all day, who really needs entitlement and childhood baggage? But that's what number 3 on her list is for; bring more than just one bottle of wine. But really, why stop at just two? [HuffPo]

DETROIT— The Free Press is really on a roll (pun intended?) with the "5" themed Thanksgiving posts, this week's Freep 5: Alternative spins on Thanksgiving favorites. Don't worry, it's not about replacing actual meal components, it's just Thanksgiving-ish themed foods at awesome places like The Oakland, Rock City Eatery, Treat Dreams, and more. And for the record, the Broken Wishbone Cocktail sounds awesome. [Freep]

Rock City Eatery

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