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Dr. Sushi Pops Up At Revolver; MSU And Taco Bell Are Back On

Revolver Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

HAMTRAMCK— Exciting news for those who love Dr. Sushi and Revolver, the two are teaming up for a dinner on November 30th. The meal is going to be 4 courses (multiple course meals are a Revolver trademark) but the fare will of course be Japanese with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients, as that's what Chef Nick George is all about. Tickets need to be purchased in advance, through Revolver's website. [Facebook]

EAST LANSING— The first sad news that MSU students were to be denied free Taco Bell gave way to a happier announcement that the tacos were back, but not in an official partnership with Michigan State. Well rest easy, because it's all been settled and now the deal is back on for real, as both Taco Bell and MSU have reached an agreement. The important takeaway from this? In the words of the school, "The promotion is back, and the students will have tacos." [MLive]


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