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Royal Oak Barnes & Noble In Danger Of Becoming Club; Short's Brewing Co. Expands Again

Barnes & Noble Royal Oak Photo courtesy of Yelp

ROYAL OAK— Downtown Royal Oak's Barnes & Noble book store may soon be no more. A proposal has come forward to transfer the Fiddlehead Restaurant and Bar liquor license and change the book store into a combo Italian restaurant and club, with office space on the second floor. The local police department is opposing the application, as they feel the area already has a very high concentration of bars and that it will be too much of a strain on the force. No word on whether or not B&N would find another home. [Royal Oak Patch]

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Weekend events are kind of kid/family focused this weekend according to much of Detroit Moxie's weekend roundup. Events include a new Red Bull House Of Art opening, superhero art, some unusual animated movies, and some Marine Mart holiday shopping. [Detroit Moxie]

BELLAIREShort's Brewing Company has plans to double the size of their brewpub by expanding into the next door pharmacy. Construction should be complete before summer of 2014, which is big news for the brewery, which already increased the size of their Elk Rapids production facility and is upping beer production like crazy. Check out the link to see a fancy picture of what the pub looks like now and what it will look like after the work is complete. [MLive]