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Midtown's Big Restorations; RiverWalk Progress; More!

Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWN— Abandoned in 2008 after a catastrophic fire, the Forest Arms apartment building finally began restoration efforts with a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday. Built a century ago as luxury housing, the landmark building will be renovated with an additional floor, geothermal wells, and a recording studio in the basement.
EAST SIDE— Detroit's popular RiverWalk is filling in the gaps on the east side and finishing up phase one of its western expansion. All the while, points in between—Mt. Elliott Park, for example—are being upgraded with brand new amenities. Here's what to expect when summer comes back around.
MIDTOWN— Windowless and covered in graffiti, the Strathmore Hotel is now one step closer to an all-out renovation as an apartment building. The Historic District Commission gave the green light to a laundry list of exterior upgrades, including brand new storefronts meant to replicate the hotel's original appearance.