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Mo Better Blues In The News; Annual Tree Lighting Event At Campus Martius

Mo Better Blues Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DOWNTOWNMo Better Blues owner Gerald Watson II was recently featured in an article about the diversity of entrepreneurs in the city. Besides refuting some common misconceptions about opportunities for growth in Detroit, the article also gives some insight into the kind of event Watson has been planning for the restaurant, a contest now named "Detroit's Next Executive Chef at Mo' Betta Blues". [Bridge]

WHITE LAKE— The Free Press announced The Root restaurant's decision to abandon their plans for a Howell restaurant, and the article includes a few more details than were originally released in The Root's Facebook announcement. Most interesting tidbit? They're already planning a second Young Guns Dinner.[Freep]

DOWNTOWN— The annual Detroit Tree Lighting Ceremony at Campus Martius is going to be bigger than ever this year with a diverse lineup of musical and skating stars. The event takes place on November 22nd, and it celebrates it's 10th anniversary this year. [Michigan Chronicle]

Mo Better Blues

546 E. Larned St. , Detroit, MI