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Rodin Owner Torya Speaks Out On Changes To Come

Photo Rodin Facebook

Rodin and Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes owner Torya Schoeniger/Blanchard just posted to Facebook about some changes that will be coming to Rodin in the near future, though she did not mention that Chef Kate Williams is leaving.

She explains that the restaurant will retain its French roots and serve its fancy cocktails, but will also offer cans of beer and shots. She discusses menu changes including adding a hamburger (très français...the French do love MacDonalds, after all) and apparently requests for condiments will be celebrated by the staff.

Then things get weird: "Our servers will no longer resemble Resevoir [sic] Dogs rejects (ha!)." What does that even mean? That they look like bloodthirsty murderers, but are now going to be nice and actually stop by the tables once in a while? Oh...maybe it's about the somewhat formal dress code?

Last but not least, she offers up another cryptic gem: "You will no longer have to squint in order to read our menu." which could mean that a) The menu font is going to be bigger. b) Rodin is no longer going to be a cave of darkness, or c) everyone will be ordering on tablets (unlikely, but possible).

In any case, here is the whole post, as it appeared on Facebook:

Friends, My name is Torya Blanchard. You might know me as the crepe lady who started Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes, as well as owner of Rodin Detroit. There are some changes starting next week that I think that you are going to love, but first let me tell you a little story...

When I was living in Paris, on Rue Bergère, there were two things that struck my fancy: The first thing was a charming little crepe stand manned by a Frenchman named Guy who made, what seemed to me at least, to be magical crepes. This was the inspiration for my first venture, Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes. The rest, as they say, is Detroit history.

The second thing was a bustling neighborhood café called Chartier, where locals gathered and mixed with tourists. The vibe was casual and relaxed, but also lively. The sound of many conversations filled the room. The drinks and food were simple and delicious, unpretentious and affordably priced. The French have a word for this concept: "Bon Marché" or "Good Value". This became the inspiration for my latest venture, Rodin. The story of Rodin, my friends, is unfinished.

In the days ahead, you will be hearing us use the term "Bon Marche" a lot at Rodin, as we begin a new chapter of our story. While much remains to be written, we know a few things already:
Our roots are unalterably French.
You can still enjoy a fancy cocktail at Rodin, albeit at an affordable price.
You can also get a can of beer and a shot of booze.
There will be more vegetarian/vegan options.
There will also be a burger on the menu.
If you ask us for ketchup (or mayo) we will bring it to you cheerfully.
Our servers will no longer resemble Resevoir Dogs rejects (ha!).
You will no longer have to squint in order to read our menu.

I'm excited for the future of Rodin as it evolves and grows.
Je vous remercie de tout coeur,
Ever your hostess,

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