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We're Watching Bourdain's Detroit Episode Right Now

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9:10 p.m. Well surprise surprise, Bourdain's Detroit episode of Parts Unknown is starting out with some hardcore ruin porn at the Packard Plant, talking to Allan Hill, who lives at the plant.

At least he acknowledged that this is in fact "ruin porn" and that Detroiters hate it?

Aaaaand now he's talking about how it's beautiful and like ancient ruins. Thanks Bourdain.

9:15 p.m.Ahh the coney dog. Duly's Place has made the list! "The best of my three coney experiences" sums it up nicely. And he even goes for a second!

But why is there symphony music and weird dramatic lighting on ruins of Detroit buildings? Did they do that specifically for the show? I'm struggling to understand.

Anyone else have some insight on the colored lights on buildings?

9:20 p.m. "This city is screwed"-Anthony Bourdain. Chernobyl? Really? Is that our twin city?

"Ghost Gardens" as a concept is actually really beautiful and sad.

I can't believe she didn't tell him her greens recipe! Haha! Sticking it to the man!

9:30 p.m. On to the Detroit Fire Department. Detroit is "a city on fire"-Anthony Bourdain.

Firefighters as a perfect society? Bourdain thinks everyone should be able to feed themselves and their friends. They're awesome cooks one and all apparently, which is great.

Love that they of course have the best chef in the department do the cooking. And they don't let Bourdain do the dishes! Fire Department FTW!

9:37 p.m. And now the creatives! Joe Robinson from Bailout Productions spotted mixing drinks, and now Craig Lieckfelt's Guns + Butter.

Locally sourced Detroit grown products!

"Guess what, we like good food too! We're not space aliens!" -Charlie LeDuff offers up best non-Bourdain quote of the night so far.

Guns + Butter is the Detroit taste of the Future?

9:45 p.m. Anonymous Papusa house makes an appearance. The chef can't show her face, because it's not legal.

Bourdain drinking Vernors to up his street cred? Why not.

The desire to keep it secret and not share with "foodies" is probably why it's so great, and why most of us will never get to go.

9:50 p.m. The Detroit Mower Gang, cleaning up parks for the kids-the rock music definitely makes the vibe more hardcore, less bucolic.

Think he drank the beer even though it had grass in it? Kind of surprised they didn't show the old Tiger Stadium being mowed, although the grass isn't as high since they keep it up pretty well so that would probably be less dramatic.

9:58 p.m. And now the urban farm. It's not "an affectation" in Detroit. D Town farms talking about building their "model organic farm".

Whole Foods is the only national grocery store chain in Detroit. Of course it would get a shout out.

Urban farming-keeping money in Detroit and helping the city's economy strengthen. Good to keep in mind when shopping.

Who is going to live in a "smaller, tighter, more compact Detroit?" What happens to Detroit is apparently not just a Detroit question, "that's an America question".

Andddd we end with burnt out houses and crickets. Literally, crickets. So everyone, what kind of crickets were they? Were they "dot dot dot" crickets? "There's no hope" crickets? "There's nothing to say" crickets? Or something else? Tell us your feelings in the comments. Particularly interesting or insightful comments may be featured on the blog later this week.

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