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Loves and Hates: Bartender Edition

Eater contacted over 20 bars in Detroit and Metro Detroit to ask their bartenders what they love and hate about their jobs.

These are the completely anonymous responses.

"What do I hate about my job? People that order college shots, especially in a bar where it's evident we don't have that shit. Gummy bears, Alligator Sandles, Smurf Piss, and whatever other stupid named shots are out there. Grow up and order a whiskey."

"I love my job because I get to facilitate other peoples celebration, create memories not forgotten, and some that are."

"I love a lot of things but my favorite is the people – I love talking to them, serving them and laughing with them."

"I hate my job because I've got a lot of bosses. Sometimes I'm not sure if they're even in the same book, let alone on the same page."

"I love my job because of the flexibility and the ability to travel. Stepping out from behind the bar and throwing parties and collaborating with other events all over the city in different venues has been especially amazing. It breaks up the grind of being behind the same bar everyday where the only variable is the customers. This month, I've been to St. Louis, Kansas City for a Shinola Popup, Nashville with Brown-Forman, then NYC for a cocktail competition."

"I love my job because where else are you able to hear yourself talk for hours, hang out with friends and get paid."

"I hate when I have to deal with a customer that has already made a decision to not like the place before they have tried a drink."

"Love my job's a stage and every night I must get ready to perform, and educate."

"I love my job because I can be myself. I like sharing new ideas with
other professionals and meeting people who are enthusiastic to branch
out and try new things."

" I hate my job when a group orders a round of drinks, but everyone wants to cash out separately. Just be ADULTS and rotate who will pick up the round. I also hate my job when people ask for drinks without ice or lite ice, thinking that they will get a stronger pour, when in turn the complete opposite happens. You actually get an even more diluted drink."

"I love the WOW factor an amazing mixed drink can have. I love blowing someone's mind with something I created."

"I love the people i work with. They're such a great crew and you couldn't ask for better people to work under that and we have no TV's."

"I hate my job when people order a steak mid-rare that they want mid-well and now its our fault, or someone orders a chocolate martini and then complains cause it doesn't taste like the chocolate martini they got somewhere else, listen lady there are a 1000 different ways to make a chocolate martini! Basically it all comes down to people acting as if their problems are life or death! I'm serving you food and drink not performing brain surgery on your only child, take a breath, calm down, and everyone will walk away happy, trust me, we are just as embarrassed as you are upset that you aren't enjoying your experience, lets us make it right and I promise you we will."
"I hate my job because it has thrown off my sleeping schedule."

"I love the people I get to meet, and the tools and materials available to me for experimentation."

"What do I hate? Well, I hate the drunk people. You sit at my bar, you better know when to cut yourself off because you won't like the way I do it."

"I love my job because our owner allows us the creative freedom to really put out the best product possible and to remain innovative by constantly changing. No one ever gets bored here, we're always learning and change is the only constant."

"I hate my job because I don't make millions of dollars for being as
awesome as I am."