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Elegant Victorian For Sale, Eastern Market Murals; More!

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

HUBBARD FARMS— Another fanciful Victorian home is on the market, and this one won't require your entire savings account to become habitable. There's stained glass, impressive woodwork, and an affordable price tag for your review over at Curbed.
EASTERN MARKET— Detroit's historic marketplace is restoring the largest of its famous murals back to its original appearance. The huge painting was one of several murals commissioned in the 1960s to revive interest in the market, which was struggling at the time. With the restoration nearly complete, come see how the 6,500-square foot design looks.
DOWNTOWN—Last summer, DTE bought an entire block near its headquarters in downtown Detroit, promising to make it a vast park similar to a "Mini Campus Martius." After months of silence, the project recently took its first steps forward. Bulldozers are now clearing the block's crumbling parking lot and vacant buildings as the recreation transformation gets underway.
DOWNTOWN— Wayne County's disastrous prison project might soon become a huge opportunity for Dan Gilbert. The billionaire looks likely to buy the abandoned jail site, as well as four other downtown properties nearby. His plan: develop a $500M entertainment district.