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Revolver's October Menus Are Up; Dine Drink Detroit Gets More Press; Detroit Institute of Bagels is Making Progress

Photo Detroit Institute of Bagels Facebook

HAMTRAMCK— Hamtramck's concept restaurant Revolver has posted all of their October chefs and menus on their website, so check it out and make reservations via the site sooner rather than later. These dinners are one time only, so don't wait. [Official Site]

DETROIT— It's October, and Dine Drink Detroit starts on Thursday, so the excitement is building as Detroit Restaurant Week gets some cheaper and maybe trendier (?) competition. Media coverage is picking up, with the Free Press writing about the brand new event today. [Freep]

CORKTOWN— Work has been slow but ongoing, and this week Detroit Institute of Bagels revealed a comparison image of the building as it appears now, after lots of renovation, with a conceptual drawing of the same building. They just have one question: where are all the people? So get walking over there and maybe it'll speed up the arrival of those much anticipated bagels. [Facebook]

Detroit Institute of Bagels

1236 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201


9737 Joseph Campau Avenue, , MI 48212 (313) 757-3093 Visit Website