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Comerica Park Dining Guide

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Now that the Detroit Tigers are in the playoffs, it's time for a little review of Comerica Park's dining options. While it's certainly not on par with the recently revamped Ford Field menu (which kills it with local cuisine and even Sugar House on the club level) there are more options than just your regular ball park hotdog, pretzel, and nacho.

HOT DOGS— While there are plenty of other options, sometimes at a baseball game a hotdog is necessary. Sliders has coneys, Big League Grill has Kielbasa and Ball Park Franks, Brushfire Grill is where to get a veggie dog or veggie Italian sausage, Sidekicks and Hot Fries have your corn dogs, and Chicago-style Dogs is where you can find...Chicago-style hot dogs (no surprise there). Don't want to walk that far? There are plenty of small stands with hot dogs throughout the park.

MEXICAN— Regular cheese nachos, that sporting event classic (and Prince Fielder favorite) are available throughout the park, but for somewhat more authentic fare head to the Big Cat Food Court for the aptly named Mexican. Get tacos and even more crucially, margaritas, here.

AMERICAN CLASSICSLittle Caesars has pizza, Sliders has wings and burgers, Brushfire Grill has black bean burgers as a vegetarian option, and Hot Fries, Lemons & Ears, and Sidekicks have all the fries, chili fries, and chicken tenders sports fans can eat.

SWEETS— Get some ice cream of the future at Dippin' Dots, elephant ears at Lemons & Ears, ice cream and floats at Ice Cream in the Big Cat Food Court, and frozen daiquiris at one of the multiple Frozen Daiquiris locations scattered around the park.

BONUS— Not happy with any of the other options? Stop by Asian Tiger (see what they did there?) for vaguely Chinese fare.
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