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Halloween Special: Wrestlemania at Green Dot, 80's Zombies at Sugar House, Halloween Ball at The Oakland

Photo The Sugar House Facebook

CORKTOWN SHORESGreen Dot Stables is having a Wrestlemania themed Halloween party tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. with themed music, spooky food (veal brain slider anyone?) and wrestling themed drinks (mmm...sleeper holds) and obviously a costume contest, because spandex. Details are on their Facebook page. [Facebook]

CORKTOWNThe Sugar House is having another themed party, and how they came up with this the world may never know, but in their own words; "We're having a Halloween Party on Halloween, for a change. The theme is 80's Zombie, but I'll let you interpret that. Door prizes, 80's music, the undead. Join us, it's gonna get stupid." Doors open at 5:00 p.m. [Facebook]

FERNDALEThe Oakland is throwing their second annual Halloween Ball from 8:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m., so put on something appropriate (creepy formal?) and head on over for "a special menu of elixirs and poisons" and of course another costume contest. [Facebook]

DOWNTOWN— Ah Halloween nightlife! The Fillmore is hosting Insane Clown Posse tonight for their annual Hallowicked concert and Juggalos are already gathering in the streets, walking around with face paint, harassing people, and spraying each other with bottles of coke, so this is the official heads up to either head on over for the concert or stay far away. [-ED-]

Green Dot Stables

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